Kombucha Vinegar VS Apple Cider Vinegar

Kombucha Vinegar VS Apple Cider Vinegar

We know the health benefits of drinking fermented probiotics drinks like kombucha. But are there any benefits to consuming kombucha vinegar? Raw unpasteurised apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used as a health tonic & natural preservative for hundreds of years – can we get the same benefits from a kombucha vinegar?

Kombucha vinegar is simply kombucha which has fermented twice the amount of time & turned sour. So it’s very easy to make – particularly if you forget about your ‘buch culture sometimes! Just make your kombucha as you normally would with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) black or green tea & sugar. Allow the culture to consume all the sugar & ferment for up to 60 days. (Tip: If you’re just starting out making your own kombucha & find that your kombucha is too sour for your taste just keep fermenting to make your own vinegar!).

So what are the differences between kombucha vinegar & ACV?

Whilst they both contain acetic acid & fructose, only kombucha vinegar contains gluconic acid. Gluconic acid has antiseptic & chelating properties & is found in abundance in plants, honey & wine. It is thought that these chelating actions help to remove heavy metals & toxins from our body. As kombucha vinegar is fermented on tea, the antioxidants & polyphenols from the tea are fermented & so are more bioavailable to us.

A standard batch of kombucha vinegar contains approximately 2% acetic acid whilst ACV is much more potent after fermentation & is diluted to about 5% acetic acid for human consumption. Therefore, kombucha vinegar is much more consumer friendly when using as a health tonic as the lower acetic acid makes it easier to drink & it is also great to use as an everyday skin toner due to its gentler nature.

So what are the benefits of kombucha vinegar?

  • Alkalising
  • Enhances the body’s normal toxin elimination process
  • Improves digestion
  • May speed up the metabolism
  • How to Use Kombucha Vinegar

Kombucha vinegar can be used in the same ways as ACV but the most commons ways are:

  • Use in salad dressings with olive oil & herbs & spices
  • Use as a natural hair rinse following shampooing to help remove built up residue from hair products.
  • Add to your daily skin care routine as a toner which helps stimulate the capillaries under the skin to encourage cellular regeneration.
  • Can be a multipurpose cleaner to help remove soap scum, add to the wash to soften clothes or use as a cleaning aid in the dishwasher.